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The Anti-Slavery Bugle was an abolitionist newspaper published from June 20, 1845, to May 4, 1861 and was first published in New Lisbon, Ohio (later renamed Lisbon). The paper moved, after publishing its five issues, to Salem, Ohio. Salem was home to many Quaker families and an active station of the Underground Railroad, providing the paper with more subscribers. It also received support from the Anti-Slavery Society which enabled the The Bugle to be in circulation for 18 years and be shipped to nearby states, including Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, and Wisconsin. The paper stated its goal in the first issue: "Our mission is a great and glorious one. It is to preach deliverance to the captive, and the opening of the prison door to them that are bound; to hasten in the day when liberty shall be proclaimed throughout all the land, unto all inhabitants thereof."

This four-page tract was one of many leaflets also published by The Anti-Slavery Bugle. A statement on the back announces that “Copies of this tract can be had gratis by applying at the office of The Bugle.” This small leaflet, which was printed in the tens of thousands and distributed for free, provides us today with a glimpse of The Bugle publishers’ avid dedication to their mission.

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