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Kent State Shootings: Oral History Project

Recently Added Oral Histories

Betty Hejma-Sweet Oral History

Hejma-Sweet_Betty_part_1_and_part_2_combined TRIMMED and ADDRESS CUT.wav

In 1970, Betty Hejma-Sweet lived in Kent, Ohio, with her husband and two school-age children. She discusses her memories from the days surrounding the…

Brad Brotje Oral History


Brad Brotje was a student at Kent State University in 1970 and was living in a house on Lincoln Street, just off the campus. He describes in detail…

Susan Biasella Hohs Oral History

Hohs, Susan Biasella.wav

Susan Biasella Hohs was a junior studying nursing at Kent State University in 1970. In this oral history, she talks about her life on campus during…

James and Paula Banks, Oral History

Banks, James and Paula TRIMMED VERSION.wav

James and Paula (Hewitt) Banks were both students at Kent State University in 1970. Paula was completing her undergraduate degree in education. James…

John T. Hubbell Oral History

Hubbell, John T..WAV

John Hubbell was a history professor at Kent State University in 1970. He was a member of the Faculty Marshals, volunteers who were helping try to…

Louis DiCerbo Oral History

Louis DiCerbo Interview 4.23.2020.wav

Louis DiCerbo had been drafted into the Army and was on active duty in Vietnam in 1970. He discusses his training and some of his experiences during…

Jean Boyd Lowry Oral History

Lowry, Jean (Boyd).wav

Jean Boyd Lowry was a Kent State graduate student studying speech pathology and working as a teaching assistant in 1970. She describes what she…

Robert Giles Oral History


Robert Giles was the managing editor of the Beacon Journal newspaper in Akron, Ohio, in 1970. The editor, Ben Maidenburg, was out of the country at…

Doug Guthrie Oral History


Doug Guthrie was an undergraduate studying sociology at Kent State University in 1970. He discusses his early years on campus and how he was part of a…

Harold Carpenter Oral History

Carpenter, Harold.wav

In 1970, Harold Carpenter was a high school teacher at Kent State's laboratory school, called the University School, on the Kent campus. He taught…

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